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hissweetsouthernbelle-deactivat said: Hey y'all! So my boyfriend re-made his tumblr and lost all the followers that I had gotten him :/ Do you mind following him back again and helping him? His tumblr is cdamon93. I promise I'm not trying to annoy y'all! Just trying to help him out again. Hardheaded boy of mine -.- Haha. Thank you ladies <3

It’s no problem at all cause I find you two ADORABLE! 

Everyone go follow my fav couple Jordan and Chris!!!!!

Jordan’s url is http://asouthernbellewithhokiepride.tumblr.com/ 

(Seriously if it wouldn’t make me look like a stalker I would reblog every single thing she posts. Her blog is absolute perfection.)

Chris’s url is http://cdamon93.tumblr.com/

(So glad you’re back! Missed reblogging all yer stuff man! And seriously….I’m gonna need ya to make me a playlist haha cause yours is perfect!)

Seriously everyone just go follow them! You won’t regret it they’re amazing! 


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